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At SolarEarth, we believe that we can make the biggest difference to improve our planet’s environmental issues by assisting more families and businesses make the switch to solar energy. We are dedicated to offering our customers the most affordable way to have solar installed and give them years of savings, while helping our planet.


We provide the most technologically advance solar equipment in the industry installed by highly experienced and knowledgeable Solar Installation Technicians. Call or email us today for a free consultation or estimate and together we can build a better world, one roof at a time.

Benefits of Going Solar


Reduce your electric cost by up to 70% or more.

Solar allows you to produce your own electricity directly from the sun. Store additional electricity your system produces with a battery and increase your savings even more.



Property Value Increase

Studies show that adding solar panels to your property increases its value by up to 10% or more.


180 Trees

Environmental Impact

An average 7kW residential solar system sequesters the same amount of carbon emissions equal to planting 180 trees.


Investment Tax Credit

Receive up to 30% maximum investment tax credit on your solar system from the Federal Government. Please consult  with your CPA to confirm your eligibility.



System Size

You can install a system size that is 150% of your current electrical usage when converting your current gas appliances to electric.


0 Water

Zero Water Need

Unlike power plants, solar panels require zero water to function.

Products & Services


Solar Panels

We provide the top rated Solar Panels

in the industry at competitive prices. 

With 25 Years warranty these panels 
are designed for maximum sunlight 
harvest that equates to decades of  electric savings.



With Enphase IQ Batteries, you can track and manage all the energy your solar panels have produced all from your phone. Enphase IQ Batteries are easily scalable and can be used both as back up during grid failure and also as power for your home when the sun goes down so you avoid using the grid during peak rate hours.



We provide complete roof replacement or repair for your home or commercial property. Roof projects can also be packaged with your solar project and financing.


EV Chargers

We provide complete charging stations or NEMA 14-50 receptacles for residential and commercial properties.

Sample Projects


"My average PG&E bill was around $250 to $300 per month before going solar. A friend of mine introduced me to SolarEarth. They were very accommodating and made the process painless. They handled the financing and I did't have to spend a single penny and I even received $6,000 back from the IRS for my tax credit. I am now saving a lot of money, my bill went down big time and there are months I even get credits from PG&E. I am glad and very happy I went with SolarEarth!"

Eppie R.  - Daly City

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