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Residential and Commercial Financing

Residential Financing


Easy on your budget, good for your home.

Commercial Financing


The solution for Commercial Solar Financing. 

  • 100% Financing

    • ​The cost of eligible projects and products can be financed in their entirety, which eliminates the requirement to pay large out-of-pocket expenses upfront​

  • Long Repayment Terms

    • Repayment terms of up to 30 years for some projects, which leads to lower and more affordable payments​

  • PACE is Property-Based Financing

    • PACE is property-based financing secured by a lien on the property. As a result, the PACE assessment does not get reported as a credit
      obligation in your credit report​

  • No Minimum Credit Score

    • Your credit score does not have any bearing on qualification. However, you must have a history of paying your taxes and mortgage debt against the property on time1​

  • No Pre-Payment Fees

    • The PACE assessment can be paid off at any
      time, or paid-down in increments of $2,500​

  • $0 down payment ​​

  • Properties Considered

    • Commercial & Industrial​

    • Medical Community

    • Religious Organizations

    • Municipalities

    • Non-Profits

    • Schools

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