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Know The Difference Between The 3 Available Options When Switching to Solar for Your Home. At SolarEarth We Want Our Customers to Get the Most Value for 
their Solar Equipment 

PURCHASE - AT Solar Earth, we want our customer's to get the most value  for their solar panels and we feel owning it is                          the best way. The  advantages for the customer is clear and because of the durability of our solar panels                                it only makes sense to own them and stop paying at some point for electricity altogether.

Quick Reference Chart on the Key Differences Between the 3 Programs

PPA - In a power purchase agreement (PPA) the solar company installs solar panels and the customer will pay monthly for           the power produced by the panel, typically referred to as "free" solar. 

LEASE - a contract by which the solar company installs solar panels to the customer for a specified time, in return for a                          monthly payment.