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How does solar power work? 

​Solar modules convert particles of light from the sun into an electric current. This is known as the photovoltaic effect. This electricity is then transferred into the home or building via an inverter. Learn more here. 

How do solar modules affect the environment?

Statistics show that 1 kW of power generated from solar panels ​prevents: 150 lbs of coal from being mined, 300 lbs of CO2 from being emitted and 105 gallons of water from being consumed.

How much does a solar electric system cost? 

The cost of your solar investment will vary greatly depending on the size of the system,

your location and available incentives. A range of financing terms with our PACE lenders are available for your convenience, making solar ownership simple and affordable. 

Can my electric bill really be $0? 

Some solar systems produce more electricity than is used each month, bringing net electricity costs to $0. Solar ownership can allow you to reduce your current bill by up to 100%, however, there is still a minimal connection fee (typically about $100 per year) to remain connected to the electrical grid.

What incentives are available to me? 

Solar Earth solar systems sold in the U.S. are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. Additional state, local and utility incentives exist in many areas, further lowering the net cost of your investment.

Do I get paid for my extra energy production? 

Currently, most of America is under a system known as Net Meter or NEM ( Net Energy Metering )

which allows your net electricity costs to be reduced to zero, but no further. 

I don't plan on being in my home for 25 years. Why would I add solar? 

People move more frequently now than ever before, but that shouldn't impact your solar decision. 

A solar system can save you money today and even pay for itself in as little as five to seven years.

Even if you move before your solar investment is completely paid off, studies show the cost will likely

be returned in added value to your home. Plus your home will most likely sell faster. Our solar panel

warranty is transferable to the new owner. 

How will solar modules affect the aesthetic of my home or property?

When designing the layout of your solar system, we will place your solar modules for optimum harvest. Depending on where this area on your roof may be and the type of roof you have determines whether the modules are even visible. For example, flat roofs are completely hidden from view. 

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